Simple Soul

I am but a simple soul.

When I love, I love only one way.

I love truly, deeply and completely.

I know, no other way but this.

I am neither greedy, nor selfish.

I do not desire many.

I only desire to have but One.

All, I have ever wanted was one, to call my own.

One who truly loved me as I am.

Who understood the deep longing within.

I have been alone for decades.

Patiently waiting for the One.

It is not that I fear to be alone.

We were not created to be alone.

Something deep within us longs for the One.

I have tried to ignore this deep need within.

The longing for the One, will not go away.

I no longer know how to make it go away.

The need within grows stronger as the days go by.

I must satiate this need within, it is the only way.

I must patiently and faithfully wait for the One.

Only my soul mate can satiate this deep need within.



Copyright © Latina 


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