Only One

When, I think about you and I as “Us”.

I feel such a wave of emotion.

You take my breath away.

My passion rises at the thought of you.


As, I close my eyes.

I can visualize your silhouette.

Your voice is all, I long to hear.

Say my name again and again.


Envelope me in your warm embrace.

My every thought is of you.

Listen to the beating of my heart.

My heart only beats for you.


You are my need within.

You are my only desire.

You are my one and only love.

I long for your return.


I ache for your embrace.

I do not wish to live without you.

You are the One in all my dreams.

Please, say that I am your One.


I want you to need me, as I do you.

I want you to long for my embrace.

Close your eyes and listen to my voice.

As, I softly and sweetly, whisper of my love.

Let your heart beat for me alone. 



Copyright © Latina

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