Pre-emptive on Iran NOW!

“The destruction of the Zionist regime (Israel) is possible only through continuing on the path of resistance.

Ahmadinejad said Israel is already on the decline and called on all the freedom- and justice-seeking nations of the world to pool their resources to defeat Israel.”

After the complete failure of the much advertised Baghdad meeting over their illegal weaponized nuke program, in a few days the messianic Islamist Rapists are due in Moscow for a crucial and by the looks of it, decisive, meeting with the sane world plus Russia and China.

The above news item from the meeting on Sunday with the uber Palestinian terrorist, Ahmed Jibril, is yet another confirmation of why the warmongering messianic Islamist Rapists cannot have any nuke, let alone tons of enriched uranium.

The “wipe Israel off the map” crowd of barbaric Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies are using Iranian people as cannon fodder for their dream of Israel’s annihilation.

Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic friend/ally. There is no reason for Iran to be against Israel, none whatsoever.  This Final Solution revisited plan of theirs has to be circumvented, and one way or another it will be done. 

In order to avoid the war messianic Islamist Rapids are imposing on all, it is time for pre-emptive regime change by the enslaved Iranian people with logistical help from the free world.

Air-tightening the sanctions including air/naval inspections are a must.

Faster please, for love of humanity, for peace, for the sake of Iranians & their ally, the Israelis, much, much faster!

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