Why do Iranians lie?

Behold the image above. It says “Down with USA”. It’s what Iranians will translate their famous ideological motto that has been the centerpiece of their foreign policy for 35 years. And it can be seen everywhere in Iran on walls and murals.

Want to know what the true original motto says in Farsi?

It says “DEATH to America”. Not Down with USA, or Down with the govt of USA, or down with some of the evil zionist leaders of America.

The original Farsi slogan specifically and unequivocally calls for the DEATH of America.

Shouting “Death to America” is how the contemporary Iranian defines himself. It’s the cornerstone of contemporary Iranian civilization. They thrive on antagonizng America, whether on Iranian.com or on the streets of Tehran.

But why the mistranslation? Is it an an attempt at deceit? Or is it a cultural defect?

Consider these:


In fact, in today’s Iran, deception and lying are seen as art forms! And lying is even proclaimed in Iran’s Shia state religion. It’s called taqiyeh.

Maybe they do it to survive, as Golshifteh claims. But I think it goes deeper than that. Iranians are liars by nature. Not just because lying is condoned in Shia Islam, but because it’s a cultural value. Consider this: In every day people-to-people exchanges, one sees the following conversation in the Iranian language all too often:

  • 1: Wont you please come in?
  • 2: No thank You, I wont be causing you trouble (mozaahem).
  • 1: Trouble? You are Moraahem! (meaning “you bestow your mercy on us by being so kind”)
  • 2: Khaahesh Mikonam (“I beg you!”)


Now what is really being said is:

  • 1: Would you like to come in? But please say no, because I dont really mean it, and I’m just trying to be nice.
  • 2: No thank you. You have to beg me more. If you say it three times, and forcefully, then I’ll consider it.
  • 1: Let me fluff you up with nice words and use the art of super-flattering to make you feel higher and above me.
  • 2: Back at yourself motherf*cker!


So, in conclusion, one can deduce:

  1. Never take the word of an Iranian at face value. He is bred and taught to lie, because he sees it as a quick way to secure his interest. He/she says they are your friend, but they will say the most crazy-ass shit behind your back to ruin you.
  2. The lies of the Iranian come in many forms: explicit, silent agreement, convoluted, delusional, or dodging the question or changing the topic.
  3. They ARE after mastery of the WMD cycle, and they WILL use it aganist you as political leverage when the time comes. It only takes one fatwa to negate a former one. (Example: Chess was Haram, then it became Halal by decree.) Point in case: How many more rounds of diplomacy will it take for you 5+1 morons to see that Iran is just playing you and killing time?
  4. They hate America, but love to live and prosper in it. They dont even give a shit about what Chomsky is really saying, because they apply the same exact principles of rule and government in their own country and lives, when given the opportunity.
  5. Family values and protecting women’s chastity in Iran by covering them up under chadors is just plain and simple Bullshit. They practice legalized prostitution in Iran. It’s legally protected by religious decree. (curiously, check out the history on the “House of Chastity”) There are even online services now.
  6. Fill in the rest yourself….

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