Does NIAC help or hurt Discrimination?

Outrage over Apple’s discrimination towards an Sahar Sabet, an Iranian customer in Atlanta, Georgia is rightfully wrenching hearts everywhere, but my heart stopped bleeding when within seconds, both NIAC (National Iranian-American Council) and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) stamped their names as the leaders of the opposition. It’s true that the general public generally needs organized leaders to rally behind, and in this situation NIAC and/or CAIR could assume that position, but this is simply not the case of typical discrimination, and doesn’t call for politically motivated organizations who are bent on taking credit.

As though the original controversy wasn’t bad enough, NIAC and CAIR, both highly-controversial organizations in their own rite, have already begun the exploitation process, as I see it.

Apple clearly is in the wrong to deny sales based on national origin. Clearly. And while I have never had even an inkling trouble buying my 2 MacBooks, my iPad, or now my third iPhone, mistakes and poor judgment are a fact of this world.

Instead of even giving Apple and opportunity to explain itself, NIAC’s twitter, blogs and websites were already saturated with anti-Apple rhetoric. This, ironically enough, all from a national-organization who language and actions are extremely lenient in response to the Iranian Regime’s human rights abuses (including discrimination of minorities), nuclear weapons production, and incessant violations of International Law. Is NIAC making so much noise over this to street attention from its compliance with the Regime’s oppression? Maybe yes, maybe no… but regardless, what happened to Sabet does not compare to the horrific human rights abuses in Iran that NIAC enables through its support for the Islamic Regime in Iran.

CAIR’s controversy is quite different. For starters, just a few years back the FBI cited CAIR terrorist ties, funding Hamas among others. You know there is a problem of moral credibility when CAIR thinks being denied an iPhone is bad, but funding suicide bombings if good… or at least I would think… But I digress. In Sabet’s account of the situation, the issue of ‘Islam’ didn’t even arise. So why would an Islamic Relations organization seek to lead the masses? What is CAIR rationale, its ultimate objective, in stepping in here? Why does CAIR defend an Iranian’s civil rights, but doesn’t publicly and loudly condemn the murders, abuses and discrimination at the hands of an Islamic Regime? This all, food for thought…

Don’t give in to NIAC and CAIR’s campaigns; make your OWN voices heard.

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