Not far from the Rāmsar airport exists a community called Miāne Hāle. The beach at Miāne Hāle is one of the few places remaining along the Caspian Sea which still has some resemblance to what the beaches looked like when I was growing up in the area more than 30 years ago. A nice sandy beach peppered with sadafs (shells), Tusca (Alder) trees and a nahr (stream) coming through the surrounding hills and pouring into the Caspian. Most beaches along the Caspian Sea have been badly damaged due to rising waters and lack of proper environmental management. Local residents have also contributed to the destruction by acts such as removing sand for construction, using the beach as a dump site, and total disregard for indigenous plants and animals. I’m afraid the beach at Miāne Hāle will not look like this much longer. The Tusca trees are dying of pollution, and there are reports that number of migrating birds are dwindling. This is a last look at this beautiful dying beach. 12 next › last »

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