Bomb, bomb Iran

In the past three decades, particularly in the past few months, they’ve done it so many times; it hardly raises any public alarm.

However, should one of the new waves of Islamists’ state sponsored terrorist attacks on foreign soils succeed, there’ll be hell to pay.

From planned bombings of diplomatic targets in Washington including a popular crowded restaurant, to similar targets in Thailand, India, Azerbaijan… and now Kenya, all have a confirmed Iran return address.

Those who are truly anti-war, and not just the usual Islamist/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies who use the stance as a club to bash the West and in particular the U.S. with it, should be very concerned about the warmongering of the ruling Islamists in Iran.

These ruling messianic Islamists, who, in all practical manner, are egging for bomb, bomb Iran, are striking match after match next to powder kegs, sooner or later one of them will catch, and then the innocent Iranian people will be on the receiving end of nightmare.

Before it is too late, short of a military attack, all needs to be done to effectuate a regime change; a backbreaking airtight sanction including air/naval quarantine is a start.

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