The “Battle for Demascus” is on

The “Battle for Damascus” has begun. Today, the mass murdering Battist regime was dealt the severest blow to date by the “Free Syrian Army.”

In an operation, the regime claims it was a “suicide bombing”, the Battist Defense Minister, Daoud Rajiha, was killed and other high officials severely wounded.

There are reports of a military barracks close to the “Presidential compound” to be ablaze as well.

The Russian provided attack helicopters and jets are used in the Battists’ indiscriminate murdering of civilian population.

It is time for the free world to bypass the objections of Russia and China who are backing the mass murdering Battists and impose no fly zone over Syria.

The emancipation of Syria from the grips of the murderous Battists will greatly facilitated the overthrow of their ally, the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic. Without these two regimes, avoiding region-wide war and achieving peace in the Middle East becomes a possibility.

Much faster please!

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