IRI wins American hearts and minds

The American public is applauding Iran for handing down the death sentence to four Iranian bankers convicted of fraud.  The last time Iran became the envy of America was in 2009 when Iranian election protesters stood up to the IRI. This time though, it is the IRI who is receiving the standing ovation. A sampling of comments from Huffington Post:

Now if WE could just kill a few Wall Street types… almost makes you admire the Iranians

A lesson we should learn in the US…bringing our banker to death row sound reasonable.

Well there you go, Iran’s not all bad after all.

I’m not a big fan of capital punishment. But when compared to our system… I’d have to say it’s better than no punishment at all.

Time to do that in America

Well, I never thought I’d give some praise to the Iranians, but in this one I think they got it right

great justice!! go iran!

So THAT is why the American government hates that country… Iran hangs it´s dirty bankers

Iran is a lot more civilized than United States and deserve to have the nuclear capability to keep the world sane.

If only we could do this in our country.

If the United States started to punish the white collar crimes of Wall Street and the Corporate world like Iran does the economy would do a full 360 turn around.

I’m not normally one to agree with anything Iran does. In this case I think they may be onto something.

Ahmadinejad knows the right way to deal with corrupt bankers. In the U.S., Obama and Holder won’t even put them on trial. If a Republican was in office, they’d probably get medals.

That is exactly what we need… some good old Iranian justice down on Wall Street.

well a least he [Ahmadinejad] is doing something, In America we give them a raise and a new job

Some politicians in countries like Iran is actually looking after the interests of the majority of the population in their country instead of acting like pimps for bankers and fining them millions for activities in which they make billions in profits to hush up every scandal.

Here’s a link to the hufpost article.

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