Iran; backbreaking NOW!

Today the latest sanction bill against the weaponized nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is likely to be put to vote in the House of Representatives.

The bill would impose sanctions on anyone who mines uranium with Iran; sells, leases or provides oil tankers to Tehran; or provides insurance to the National Iranian Tanker Co.

It aims to reduce the scope for Iranian companies to reflag their vessels or turn off their tracking systems.

It includes penalties for Swift, a telecommunications network used by many financial institutions, if it helps Iranian banks transfer funds electronically. It also seeks to punish companies that sell riot-control equipment such as tear gas to Iran.”

All this is good, but not good enough.

Given the ramped up Islamist barbarism meted out to the enslaved Iranians, the uptake in IRR’s international terrorism, its full support and partnership with the rabid Syrian Battists in committing crimes against humanity and a host of other deadly criminal activities, the new bill has way to go to become effective.

If the war which IRR warmongers are trying to impose on all is to be avoided, make it backbreaking airtight sanctions to effectuate regime change.

Much faster please!

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