If Only It Could Be

Yesterday,  as I strolled within the park.

I saw a couple, lovingly embrace.

They were enveloped in so much love.

Such joy and warmth within their hearts.

A glow, could be seen within their eyes.


Made me pause and think.

“I wish that could be me.”

How wonderful it could be.

If only love could change things for me.

Make my place seem more like my sanctuary.


I am, then reminded of another place.

Where this dream could have materialized.

A place I so deeply love.

No other place compares to it.

Alas, it now only exists, only in my dreams.


Once again, returning to my chosen path.

I have devoted all I have to it.

If only, I could change my destiny.

I hear it calling out to me again.

“Come with me. I am your only sanctuary.”


I close my eyes and firmly say.

“How true. I belong to you now.”

The path envelopes me completely.

The shadows are repelled, once more.

The pain does subside for a moment.

Until the next time, that the shadows do return.


Hope still prevails within me, that perhaps.

In time, the shadows will transform.

From darkness into beams of light.

Shining on the chosen path.

Making my journey clearer, its calling stronger.

Will the shadows be defeated, at the end?

It seems, that only time will tell.




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