Top 1% in 2030

Current and future break down of wealth in the U.S.

 % of wealth owned in 2007         in 2011          in 2030*

Top 1%                                     34%                         37%               52%

Next 5%                                    17%                         19%               23%

Next 14%                                  28%                         22%               17%


*  Projections by various U.S. economists

If above projections are correct, in less than 2 decades the top 1% will own over half the wealth in the U.S. and the top 20% will own 92% of wealth.

No one can predict the future accurately.  But even if the 2011 data is within 10% of reality, in 2011 the top 20% controlled 68% (78%-10%) of the wealth in America.

I for one believe this trend will not result in something we can look forward to. 

In case you question validity of the above data, I recommend using google for verification. 

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