LG, shame on you!

It is an indisputable fact; the Messianic Islamist regime ruling over Iran does not tolerate any dissent and is a police state. Selling enabling equipments to police states is morally wrong and reprehensible.

In an August open letter, UANI in part says:

“LG’s sale of security products to regime-controlled entities is particularly concerning given the regime’s history of misusing security and surveillance technology to monitor, track, apprehend, torture, and kill regime opponents.

For example, LG surveillance equipment, including the LT903N(P) Speed Dome Camera, is clearly advertised for sale on the website of IRANCCTV. IRANCCTV is a regime entity that operates under the auspices of Iran’s Ministry of Culture, which has been described by Reporters Without Borders as “a censorship agency” and “all-out mechanism of control and repression” that violently interrogates journalists and activists in Iran.”

LG, stop enabling the Islamist regime which routinely rapes, maims and murders Iranian men, women and children. 

LG, if corporate responsibility and basic decency does not do it for you, what you’re doing is against US law and as a US federal contractor you got a lot to lose.

ps. UANI letter to Bon-Joon Koo, LG’s Chief Executive Officer here.

To send a message to LG, here.

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