Omega watch & Iran’s elites

While due to mismanagement of the national economy with historic oil revenue and the culture of thievery by the ruling Islamists, for years some Iranians have been reduced to selling their body organs to make ends meet, number of luxury good companies are raking in big profits from sales to the very people responsible for the dire situation in Iran. See here.

One of these amoral companies is the Swatch Group, the parent company of the Swiss watchmaker Omega with no less than 10 dealers in Tehran alone.

UANI has called on these companies, Swatch Group included, to exit the market in Iran:

The reasons for our concern regarding Omega’s business activities in Iran are manifold. First, the Iranian regime relies on access to luxury goods to co-opt Iranian elites, and, in turn, maintain power.”

Those luxury good companies providing perks for the Messianic Islamists’ apparatchiks and coconspirators in their crimes against Iranian nation should know for their short-term gains, there is a long term price in sullied reputation.

UANI letter to Omega, here.

To send a letter to Nick Hayek, CEO & President, Swatch Group, click here.

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