Question to Admin on user ID’s and site rule

Browsing through the list of blogs here, I came a cross this one. One of the commenters, was irate about the decision of Site admin  deleting his comments, apparently because he addressed the blogger using the blogger’s chosen user ID, with some additional comments, justified (to the commenter at least) by the bloggers user ID and his general line of comments. 

I am not taking sides here as far as the debate between site admin, blogger and commenter  on the said blog is concerned. i just have a question for admin, related to site Rules:

My question to admin: If someone decides to join this site, using a very deliberately offensive user ID, let’s say  “Haramzaadeh” (Bastard) would it be appropriate to flag and delete the comments from other users calling user “Bastard” a “Bastard” and questioning user “Bastard’s” parentage, if the user “Bastard” constanly boasts on this site about the extra marital affairs of his mother?


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