ROYAL PREROGATIVE: In the UK Only the Queen Can Dissolve Parliament & Appoint Her PM

Even in a Perfectly Operating Constitutional Monarchy like the UK (which de facto doesn’t even have a written constitution) The Monarch (hence today the Queen) and Only the Monarch can dissolve the Parliament before an Election is called and it is she and only she who appoints the Prime Minister (himself elected just like a President in a Republic) …


Although the Monarch’s role is reduced to a purely ceremonial role, she is not entirely powerless. She has what is known as « Royal Prerogatives » which can be summed up to the three words : « To Advise, Guide and Warn the government of the day ». As in other Constitutional Monarchies in Great Britain it is the Monarch and ONLY she ( or he) who can dissolve the Parliament when an election is called and NOT the Prime Minister which she (or he) appoints. It is also the Monarch who reopens Parliament.


She is not only the head of state but also head of the Arms Forces (therefore can declare War and Peace  although not without the approval of her government) and in addition is the Head of the Church of England.


As mentioned above Royal Prerogatives also exist for other Monarchies in Europe but only in Great Britain is the Monarch also the head of a Church due to it’s unique Anglican faith.


Here is an insight into the relationship between past and present Prime Ministers and The Queen of England who is the Head of State. 

Part of a BBC Documentary : ‘The Queen at 80’ :


Charles II : ‘Parliament Is Dissolved’ :


Restored on the Throne of England after Cromwells Death and Theocracy was abolished, King Charles II (son of the former Beheaded King Charles Ist) is Crowned and reinstated in his rightful position as Absolute Ruler of the United Kingdom. 






UK’s Queen Opens Parliament : Gowns and crowns- the State Opening explained (2009) :

The pomp and ceremony of the annual state opening of Parliament has taken place for the last session before the General Election.

Shah of Iran Opens Parliament 1963:






“The Queen” (movie): It’s is your gov’t !:

Scene from Stephan Frear’s The Queen starring Helen Mirren when having her portrait done






The Queen – Excerpt showing difficulty in changing cultures:

A brief excerpt of The Queen, starring Helen Mirren, in which the Queen discusses the upcoming administration of PM Tony Blair, and how he wants to “modernize” things.

“The Queen” (movie): Tony Blair is appointed PM:

Scene from Stephan Frear’s The Queen starring Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen

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