Obama Style Politics!!

Here is a recent example ongoing today 09/07/12. The Department of Labor came out with the following 3 stats today:

1-95,000 new jobs were created last month. Fantastic – hail to Obama

2- Unemployment rate dropped from 8.3% to 8.1% last month. Fantastic – 2nd hail

3- 365,000 people dropped out of the employment force because their unemployment behefits ended and/or they stopped looking for work!!!!!!!!! Whaaat?

RIGHT-NOW: We hear all 3 of the above stats on local TV and Radios every hour on the hour!!! Those of you who live in hard blue (liberal) areas like California may not hear #3 at all – not now not later!!

Later: All we will hear would be 1 and 2

The good news is: White house is working very hard to make sure gays can marry – even in the army – even when on the front! Who knows – another 4 years of Obama – we may get legal “Sigheh” added to the constitution.

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