Girl Power

So picture this: you are a guy, walking down the street, minding your own business. All of a sudden, you notice a commotion. You walk over to check it out. Why not! After all, you are unemployed… and don’t need to get your opium fix for another hour. So, you fight your way through the crowd and find a nice spot in the front. You see a mullah arguing with a group of young girls. You notice the girls wearing tight jeans, tight dresses, tons of makeup and headscarves that are practically hanging over their shoulders. These girls look like what your mother calls, “Kharab.” They don’t observe a proper Islamic dress code and they surely don’t look like your sister. Oh, yeah… your sister is pure. She is covered from head to toes. That’s how women should look. Pure… covered… pure. Your brain goes to overdrive, “sister good… girls whores.”

The mullah is going at it with the girls. He is doing what every god-loving mullah should do. He is ordering the young girls to cover their hair and adhere to a proper code of conduct. Yes, “adhere and proper” are your favorite words. You are waiting for these “Kharab” girls to comply. Because… that’s what women do… comply. Yeah, “comply” is another word you love. But… why aren’t they complying. This is not right. The mullah grabs one of the girls and pulls her close. Hair stands up in the back of your neck. Here we go. That’s how it’s done. “Hit her… hit her hard so she won’t forget who is in charge here.” The mullah raises his hand and smacks the girl. Oh this is great. You want to join the mullah in the beating. It not only arouses you to hit girls but it also gives you the satisfaction of taking out all your frustrations on somebody defenseless. Yeah… what’s better than hitting a girl? Girls can’t hit back and it just feels so good. You are getting hard.

But all of a sudden, your whole world is turned upside down! Right before your eyes, the girl, hits the mullah in the face… so hard that the mullah’s turban flies like a Frisbee. The mullah looks at the girl in disbelief. You look at the girl in disbelief. The crowd looks at the girl in disbelief. But, wait… there is more… the girl punches the mullah one more time. Mullah’s fake teeth hit the pavement… but wait, she is not done. She kicks the mullah in the knee. Oh my god, the holiness is horizontal. This can’t get any worse… but it does. The mullah is being mauled by the girls, kicking and punching, cussing and swearing.

You can’t believe your eyes. Who are these girls? How can they defend themselves so vulgarly? Who gave them the permission to disobey? Your mother and sister will never do that!!! This is outrageous! This is not only an insult to Islam but also a direct challenge to authority. Men… authority. Yes, men… men. Your head is about to explode. Your knees are growing weak. Your skin is itchy… your palms are sweaty. You are getting dizzy. You need a splash of rosewater.

You gather all your might and shout, “STOP it, you whores.”

One of the girls stops. She has a look on her face. She wants to take your guts out. You have never felt fear like this. For thirty years, she’s been taking shit from you. It’s payback time. She looks you in the eyes and says, “Come on, bitch… let’s go.”

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