Islamophobia? YOU BET!

Most religions have a small legion of fanatic followers.  A portion of these fanatic nut jobs is militant.  These are the people who actually can easiy justify killing in the name of religion.

There is, by most accounts, less than 10 million Jews and 1.1 billion Muslims worldwide.  That is, there are 110 Muslims for every one Jew.

If even 0.1% of the population of these religions were nut jobs who believe their way is THE way, it means there are 10,000 Jews that the world has to worry about.  Most of these Jews live in either the U.S. or Israel.  Both these countries for the most part operate under the rule of law.  I can’t talk about radical militant Jews in Israel but in the U.S. a peep out of these bastards and their asses end up in jail sharing a room with Buba for life.

0.1% of the Muslim population means 1.1 million militant minded crazies that cause worry for the so called civilized world.  Most of these 1.1 million live in hell holes like Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc where the rule of law is either non existant or is used as a tool to recruit and abuse these idiots for goals and gains of respective States.  These are the SOBs who dream of Sharia law replacing the Western judicial systems one day.  Mosques in place of Churches, women in Islamic Hijab and the rest of the crap associated with the type of Islam these bastards want promoted.

If I were a white guy living in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Australia you bet your ass I would have  a phobia.  And it will be damn justified.

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