UANI, Iran economic blockade

The influential UANI advocacy group has issued a statement which in part says:

“The continued fall of the Iranian Rial is the single strongest economic indicator that the isolation of the Iranian regime is working. We can do more however.

The Obama administration, the European Union and others should impose an economic blockade on the Iranian regime…..A blockade would even bring about the possibility of the failure of this illicit regime.

An economic blockade would mean that any business, firm, or entity that does work in Iran would be barred from receiving U.S. government contracts, accessing U.S. capital markets, entering into commercial partnerships with U.S. entities, or otherwise doing business in the U.S. or with U.S. entities. It is time for the U.S. and others to use all available economic leverage against the regime.”

Contrary to what the NIOC compensated lobbies and others have been preaching, regime is totally vulnerable to sanctions.

It has also proven to be reform-proof, doggedly anti-human rights, and holds total disregard for civilized norms of behavior particularly any endeavor toward establishment of peace in the Middle East.

It is time to help Iranians overthrow the regime; it is time for regime change.

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