3 signs you’re reading off IRI’s script

OK. So here are 3 major signs that you’re (knowingly or unknowingly) reading off the propaganda script of IRI, designed to sustain the livelihood of IRI for another 35 years, and written to brainwash the people.

Here goes:

#1 In every political discussion about Iran, you keep circling back to Zionism and related conspiracies of the Jews. Dude, that bus left in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Youre late. Each time I see an Iranian write or say shit about Jews and Israel and zionism, I see a huge grin on the face of the mullahs. God, how easy you people are! They even have Oktoberfest beer parties in Gaza! Either you people are plain dumb, or just dont want others to see that Iran has no fucking business in the Arab-Israeli conflict! Either way, youre reading off the IRI script!

#2 You keep focusing your attention on the evils of America! Hiroshima, Nagazaki, Abu Ghuraib, Guantanamo, yada yada yada. So what the fuck does it prove if the prison rapes, capital punishment, executions, and human rights violations in Iran happen elsewhere too? Does that make it right? Does that make it less of a crime? Why do you keep bringing up the evils of Wall Street and Uncle Sam? Is that to detract away from the IRGC and the Ironfist rule of the mullahs? Who gives a shit if it happens elsewhere? So remember, each time you keep mentioning some shit about an impending execution in Alabama or South Carolina, youre reading straight off the script of IRIB! And youre not even getting a paycheck for it. Hah! Idiot.

#3 You keep refering back to the Shah’s time, or Qajar’s time, or even before that, to somehow justify the shit that’s going on today in Iran. Dude! Mossadegh lived in the last fucking century. Wake up! OK, let me give you an example: Iranians take pride in trying to say shit about their predecessors. Qajars said shit about Zandiyeh. The Pahlavis said shit about the Qajars. The Mullahs say all sorts of shit about the Pahlavis. etc etc. Why is that? I mean, look at Andrew Jackson. He was one fucked up president, and it wasnt just because he slaughtered the Native Americans. And yet, go to Nashville; the dude has a statue as if he cured Polio or something. He’s even on the fucking $20 bill! Why? Is it because Americans are so naive and stupid with regards to their past? I think not. I, would give a different reason for that: Iranians, especially the current generation, always sees the empty half of the glass. The Americans? They see the full half of things. They acknowledge the shit that Jackson did. But they also value his positive accomplishments too, even if minor. We? We have to go and fucking tear apart the tomb of Reza Shah and piss on his grave to make a point! Forget all the shit he did, like building schools and roads and modernizing Iran! Lets stick to his Godless Kashf-e Hejab policy! I dont know if this habit of badmouthing our predecessors is a cultural thing or some hate-the-infidel shit that came out of Islam. But what I do know is that the IRI uses this technique ALOT to bury and sweep under the rug the shit it keeps doing. And that’s why, when people keep talking about a dynasty that lived almost 4 decades ago, to me, that’s a pure sign that they are reading off the damn IRI script for the intellectually challenged. Dude! Focus on the present! Not the past! What part of that dont you get? 

OK. So now here are a few examples:

#1 If I say, Iran is one of the top ranked countries in the annual number of executions, dont say “Oh, but that’s according to the Zionist controlled media”! Say: “Shit! That’s horrible! What can we do about it?!”

#2 If I say, there are reports of prison rape in Iran, dont say “Too bad you werent around to see what the Savak did in the Shah’s time”, because that just sounds stupid. Condemn it. Plain and simple. This is not Superstring Theory.

#3 If I say Bahais and Jews are being exterminated in Iran, dont go off saying irrelevant shit like “Oh, have you heard how Wall Street is turning this country into a Police state?”. Cuz that’s a fucking retarded answer; you can be part of an Occupy X movement but still acknowledge that what Iran’s fascist regime has been doing over the past 35 years has been nothing short of ethnic cleansing and social engineering.

So there you go.

Now let me see you say Marg Bar Amrika! Make the mullah happy.

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