, David Duke or “Storm Front?”

Let’s play a game. I will post a few quotes below, and you try to figure out which ones were written by IC commenters and which ones by David Duke or Storm front (white supremacist organization). Please bear in mind that is a very small sample of recent comments on IC. I really didn’t have much time to devote to a larger search, which, if I had done, would have surely resulted in many more choice quotes. The links to the quotes are listed at the bottom of the blog. Please feel free to add other links that you may deem relevant. Enjoy!

“One of the ways Jewish interest groups have enhanced their position is in getting others to fight their battles for them — often through bribery or trickery — and for the purpose of causing friction among other people and nations to enhance and elevate Jewsish political clout.”

“A Jew cries out in pain while he stabs you in the back!”

“The blanket coverage given by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media to Obama and Romney’s “stance on Israel and Iran” would make one think that there is no economic crisis, no foreign wars, no mass unemployment, no immigration crisis or anything else going on in America.”

“The real reason was the nuclear bomb secrets ; that was secretly given to Russia by a Zionist -American in exchange of having Russians to recognize their bloody occupation.”<

“In reality, the only active antipathy towards Jewish Supremacists in France today comes from the Muslim immigrant population—who the Jewish pressure groups pushed to allow in—and who are now incited to violence against Jews by the behavior of the Zionist Supremacists in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.”

“[J]ews will always manipulate blacks, just in different ways.”

“It is time for US to free itself from this slavery to the AIPAC and the Zionist regime.”

“The total domination by Israel and Jews of the American political process serves as the most clear example yet of the power of Jewish extremism—and why, if America is to survive, it must be broken.”

“You don’t become ABC news’s senior white house correspondent (i.e. a major political reporter for ABC [which should be called IBC, i.e. Israel’s Broadcasting Network) without a tremendous sympathy if not out right blatant support for Israel. ABC is a major vehicle for disseminating Israel’s propaganda.”

“The Zionists Control:

-the media
-the political arena
-the banking system
-the financial markets
-corporate America [sic]

To see this doesnt [sic] require a racist just someone who is observant.”

“Fucking kikes – addicted to dishonesty. “Faulty” headline my ass. NY Times Kike tries his best to cover for Reuters Kike.”

“Re: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

This is how I view it! While one can debate the actual origins of the document until the cows come home, it is the CONTENT of it that counts – and we all can see how frighteningly accurate so much of THAT is!!

<“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of <

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