“Turkey’s prime minister sharply criticized the U.N. Security Council on Saturday for its failure to agree on decisive steps to end the 19-month civil war in Syria.

Recap Tayyip Erdogan told an international conference in Istanbul that the world was witnessing a “humanitarian tragedy” in Syria.

“If we wait for one or two of the permanent members … then the future of Syria will be in danger,”

Of course Erdogan is referring to China and Russia who with their repeated vetoes at UNSC have blocked any meaningful international steps to end the pogrom.

Syria Battists fortifies with units from Quds Special Operations from Iran along with the Lebanese Hezbollah militias have been murdering Syrian men, women and children.

In full view of the civilized world and with total impunity, The Damascus regime has been indiscriminately bombarding residential neighborhoods with heavy field artillery, tanks, fighter bombers and helicopter gunships for the past nineteen months.

During the past 5 days, 1000 (one thousand) have been killed. The murdered count has reached 33,082, how long is the civilized world going to allow this to go on?

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