The Difference Between A Racialist and a Racist!

There are those that troll and other website that accuse anyone that says anything against Israel as being racist towards the jewish community. Well, I think a better term for this is “racialist” as coined by the incredible and inspirational comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, also known as Borat, Bruno and Ali G…and most recently as the Dictator. 

Here’s Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno) being chased in Israel! He’s Jewish and he’s taking the piss (as the Brits say) of the fanatics in Israel.

Also check out Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G explanation of a racialist!

Believe me I love, and Iranians love the Jewish community. Call that “racialist” if you will, but not racist. It has a positive ‘vibe’ brother. Chuckle if you must, but its true. And believe me there is a massive difference bewtween Israel’s fanatics (the government) and the more liberal, cultivated, open minded and peace loving Jewish community world-wide. You might not see it, but many do. Call that ‘racialist’ too!!! All good, all positive.

If you are against the fanatics in Iran, then you must similarly be against the fanatics in the U.S. (Tea Party crowd) and the fanatics in Israel. Its very consistent. Call that racialist if you must – anti-fanatics everywhere!!! Down with fanatics! Down with fanatics!!! Everywhere!! Very racialist!!

I want everyone who reads this to push back when morons on this site try to push them in a corner and accuse them of anti-semitism when decency impels them to criticize brutality in Israel. Its a stupid ploy to corner everyone, and force people to lose their decency and sense of humanity.

Definition: being a “racialist” is when someone wants to falsely paint you as a racist…but you’re only being reasonable and decent. Sacha Baron Cohen, who is Jewish, coined the phrase. He fully understood what he was doing and defining. Think about that. 


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