Did You Know You Are Not Anonymous on Iranian.com?

In case you were not aware of this but you are not anonymous on Iranian.com

Homeland security and possibly other government agencies have your IP number and most likely have a complete record of every letter and word you have posted on Iranian.com

So, ironically, for somebody like myself posting from Iran and using several layers of proxies simply to get through to Iranian.com because it is blocked in Iran, have anonymity but you don’t.

Enjoy the land of the free, what’s left of it.

What a laugh.

When Bush came to office I knew it was the end of America we all like to imagine exists — but it no longer exists.

It is now an openly deeply divided unequal un-free borderline fascistic hegemonic military force spread across 800 forts across the globe controlled by a tiny elite of super wealthy white men.

And they want to keep it this way, even if it means killing fellow human beings.

Go ahead and vote for Obama or Romney but do so with open eyes because you are voting for the above.

(It may be a good idea to look into varous programs and sites that offer IP protection, etc. and learn how to use these when visiting Iranian.com)

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