Familiarity Breeds Contempt

That is the main reason behind so many wife-husband fights: why Moses was ridiculed by his wife; why Ayesha scorned Mohammad. Why so many close friends turn into sworn enemies. Why absolute rulers turn into hateful tyrants … but then I digress again.

That is also the number 1 reason behind our Iranian.Com fights!

We all have a grand view of ourselves; otherwise we wouldn’t be here, writing for the whole world to see. But we are also confined here with a small group of some 50 other writers. Over the months and years, we get to know each other all so too well, including weaknesses and ugly dark spots.

Being human, we are normally unaware of our own blind spots and even less aware of our ugly ways and unkind behavior. But people, who spend a long time with us in close quarters, get to become familiar with those dark spots; and over time, become sensitive to them.

So let’s do ourselves a favor. Whenever we get really angry with a fellow IC contributor, let’s go to the mirror and take a GOOD look at ourselves, before piling hateful comments on their heads.

Also don’t forget frequent visits to San Francisco!

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