Iranian made rockets fired into Tel Aviv; 1st step of plan

Soon we’ll hear the rockets fired from Gaza “deep” into Israel are Iranian made.  No news of this yet in the media but just you wait.

 Israel is getting ready to do so called “precision” strike on 2-3 nuclear sites and this latest cooperation with Hamas is the perfect incremental excuse.  Of course no matter how precision, a few dozen people are going to die at each site immediately.  If these are guys associated with the regime, its a pity that a lot more of them cannot be dead via these strikes.  The problem is with fall out of nuke material which will be carried by the wind and will cause long term problems all over Iran. 

 Do the Israelis care?  Probably not.  Do the Americans care?  Hell no.  Do the elements of the Islamic regime care?  Are you kidding? 

The deal has been made by the U.S. and the Mullahs.  The Jews will strike a couple of your facilities; a few weeks of demonstrations against Israel and the U.S.   A couple of skirmishes at the Persian gulf (nothing major).  A meeting, an agreement and then everything will go back to normal.  Israel gets what she want, the mullahs get another decade at power, sanctions are eased and the U.S. will go about its business making a mess elsewhere.

During all of this, people in Iran get F’d from all sides and in all ways.  Worthless rial, nuclear climate and worst of all, another decade or more of the crap we know as Islamic Republic.

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