I don’t give a rat’s ass about Palestine or Israel; leave me alone

Yesterday I decdided to drive to Westwood to buy some ice cream and faloodeh from Gol o Bolbol.  Normally the Wilshire exit off of 405 south is somewhat crowded but yesterday was just ridiculous.  It took me 40 minutes from the time I entered the exit lane on 405 to get to Westwood.

Why?  Because a bunch of fanatic Jews were demonstrating in front of the Federal Building with Israeli and U.S. flags and around 50-100 cars were circling the block creating a traffic nightmare.  These cars had Israeli flags sticking out of their sunroof and by circling the block they were hoping to create the illusion that there were many more cars involved.  The on foot demonstrators were also going from one corner of Wilshire and Westwood intersection to the other creating more chaos.

Basically less than 500 fanatic Jews who were probably mostly paid to do what they were doing distrupted the lives of thousands of people for hours, most of whom, including me, an in reality don’t give a rats ass about Israel and it’s problems with the Palestinians; nor do we give a damn about the Palestinians.

If after 40 years people cannot fix their own problems, its their problem not mine.  I would have been just as irked if a bunch of Palestinians were demonstrating.  It’s the same for me.  It’s the same for most American and Iranians.

I am trying to live a peaceful life, provide for my family, have a bit of fun and then get placed under 72 inches of dirt.

These damn people have been the subject of news and problems for long enough.  Let the 2 sides just kill each other.  God knows they have had enough time to try to get along peacefully.

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