Snookered Ayatollahs

Iran losing Arab sympathy: Hamas…?

There is always one picture that pops into my mind, whenever the Ayatollahs and Palestinians are mentioned.

A picture is a thousand words, and this is one of them. First of all Khomeini rarely laughed, and what was it that Arafat said to please him so much?

We know what happened in the years to come, with the creation of Hezbollah and millions of Iranian people’s wealth that was stolen and given to all the various Palestinian groups.

We know how the Chengdu, Chinese engineers helped Ayatollahs to get missile parts through the tunnels into Gaza.

But what a lot of people do not know, is that ultimately there is a fundamental division in Islam, along the Sunni and Shiite branches, that no modern Khomeinist ideology can bridge. The Syrian conflict has now forced the Hamas leader to force the Ayatollah to make a decision.

On the other hand we hear than no Iranian warship or otherwise, commanded by the IRGC, can be seen to be smuggling arms to Gaza. So the Ayatollahs are well and truly snookered. It will become very embarrasing as they cannot carry out their war, and will look inept in front of the Arabs.

Ask any Iranian what he or she wants for the Middle East, and he or she would say that it would be along the lines of The Declaration of Human Rights by Cyrus the Great. Need I say more. And it will happen.…

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