What the heck is this new BBC Website in Persian?

On 24 January 2006, BBC English Website reported that, “The Iranian authorities have started to block the BBC’s Persian language internet site, for the first time. The BBC says the level of traffic to the site from within Iran has dropped sharply over the last three days. No official explanation has been given. The BBC has expressed concern at the action, saying it deprives many Iranians of a trusted source of news.”

That was in 2006. Now, in addition to the official BBC Website in Persian, you may find another one which seems to be created and onlined by the same Iranian authorities.

Here is a link to the home page of that Website: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Home
And here are some other sections:
Irans’ History: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Group/iran
Freemasonry: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Page/?nid=1104
Art: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Group/Art
Iran News: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Iran/
About the Queen: http://www.bbc-farsi.com/Group/EnglandHose

Yeah, amazing things can happen in the cyberspace!

What do you think?

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