The Wind

Today, we are casting winter from our hearts
while everywhere around us
earth devours the last tadigh of snow.

Today, the lady of the house is tilting open the windows
and shaking free the carpets,
and the wind is set loose to roam the house like a busy child.

Today, the wind makes mischeif.
It behaves like a naughty grandmother refusing her cover,
saying Bohor! Bohor! And, Mary-
just say what you mean!

Today, is the third day of spring and the wind tugs at the white curtains
like a lover tugging at your Roussari.
You can see the mountains rise at the edge of the city.

Someone has been knocking at your door since February.
The light of their torch spilled through the keyhole-
The wood of its frame was warm beneath your hand.

Today, after teasing its knob for an hour,
the wind finally blew your inner door open.
But there was only you, standing at the threshhold.

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