Fly, Flight, Plight, Despair,

Fly, flight, plight, despair,

frozen tears, frozen anger,

forgotten wish, forgotten dream, forgotten tears

melted anger, dried tears, running tears, frozen dream.

Human born out of a dream

The dream melted in despair, frozen in anger

The mountain does not return the call but the ice cold fire is burning the dream.

The mountain, the slaughterhouse of warmth of the mother’s heart.  

The mountain the slaughterhouse of life of a dream

The mountain, the life, the wind, the challenge, the mystery

The mountain, the separator of beauty and pain

The mountain, the sky, the flight of a lonely eagle

The heart shattered in a thousand pieces but loves no less.

The blood drips and drops from the torn-away heart, but loves no less

The mountain mourns the separation of dream from reality

The reality mourns its ruthlessness

The ruthlessness is the love turned inside out

The ruthlessness is the revenge of a thirst of forgotten love


The pain of separation,

The pain of thrown away from home.

The pain of what happened to home

The pain of where is home?

The pain of …

He is standing, why it is too long, far too long


He is the dream of life

The wild, frozen and silent tears


The hope born out of tears, within tears, inside tears

The tears must turn into hope if life is to continue


Pain, pain, pain, loneliness, sorrow, anger, confusion, floating identity, layers of identity.

Life is alive through hope and hope is the singing bird which the prisoner dreams beyond the bar

Till return, till realization of hope, joy and happiness there is no end to it

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