Iran: Two Women In Paris

“Oy, mate, you Iranian fella”

“Hi”, say me with a pinta

“Wot’s with this woman who is taking on the Ayatollahs. I believe she was with the first Ayatollah who got rid of the Shah”.

“Oh yeah, mate, you mean the one with the head scarf who is outside Iran. Her lot, want (and you are not going to believe this) Islamic Marxism. Or did at the beginning.”

“Hold on, she is saying some good stuff. She has written to the US Congress and told them that the people of Iran were against nukes and had marched in the streets, provoking the Ayatollahs to come to an agreement. That’s not what we saw in the streets.”

“In as much as I don’t like their manifesto, this lot have been the only source, to point out all the stealth nuclear programs. They always made new announcements, just after the mullahs had meetings with IAEA. That chap El-Baradei would turn up with broad smiles and a day later he would be ridiculed with new findings that were against NPT. This went on for twenty years”.

So now the very liberal Americans and this English speaking liberal Zarif, have given the impression that they have saved the world from WWIII. But we have not had any new findings “by the lady with the scarf” this time round. I was expecting some new bunker with loads of missiles to be shown by her lot, and make Kerry look disfunctional.

At the end of the day she is another religious person. Her running around with that scarf on her head, is a huge symbol against the emancipation of women in Iran. Iranians are proud of Reza Shah and she is not.

Women in ancient history of Iran were leaders of the world. You do not need to go very far to find out. Why do you think Darius the Great was chosen as Emperor of Iran? His wife was the daughter of Cyrus who did not have a son. But he used the phrase “With the Grace of Ahuramazda” to bring a moral precedence. But it was more than that.

For some odd reason we have very few Iranian Queens. There were two Sasanian Queens who were sisters and they did not last that long. The Sasanians had established a fairly liberal Ahuramazdan moral order, even though Generals like Kartir were ruthless against prosletyzing and wiped out Christianity. Later that produced a backlash in the form of what we now call Islam.

An Iranian Prince called Salman wrote the Koran, and wiped out the old order. His new order has been seen to be Arabic. Some Iranians would say that it is also Iranian. They point to the first “Arab” dictionary being written by an Iranian.

But this argument and the arguments involving pure Persian by the likes of Ferdowsi are xenophobic, as they had no knowledge of Proto-Elamite language. I don’t think Iran would be so divided if we did not argue so much along these divisive subjects. Ferdowsi had no knowledge of Proto-Elamites. And the Royal Institution nowadays is so ignorant of all matters related to Ahuramazdans.

Imagine me going to Maryam Rajavi and Farah Pahlavi and saying:

“Khanoom shoma ha hamatoom bayasti Ahuramazdai besheen va ba ham hambastegi bevojood beyareed”

(Ladies you need to become Ahuramazdans and get united)

I will get a “boro divaneh”.

Ahuramazdans have lived and struggled in the Iranian plateau for a long long time. We have have all the good and bad side of dictators, religious zombies you name it. The very concept of Free Will was written and discussed almost from the moment we invented writing and is kept in the Zend-Avesta.

But we need a group of Iranians and Iranologists to be involved in the negotiating process against these “criminals in the bank”. Yes we do have a massive hostage situation in Iran. Yes we do have a very advanced stage of Stockholm Syndrome in Iranian society now. Iran is ill.

I personally have my heart with Empress Farah to bring us all in around a big circular table. The equivalent of “The Knights of the Round Table of Iran”, need to be assembled. She has a Grand Air Trine her horoscope. She is so humble that she did not get arrogant and say that this agreement is null and void, because the Royal Institution was not involved. She thanked all for peace.

Follow this link:

You will also see links to comments and people openly involved in discussion in polite manner. The Empress is way ahead of anyone in Iran when it comes to tolerance and understanding. Kudos to her.

You would think that these two Iranian women who live in Paris would sort this whole mess out. They should make a joint declaration.

But let me give you a fantasy. Imagine an overwhelming external entity that visited Earth 2500 years ago and helped Iranians to build Persepolis, turned up with space ships, but they did not go to Washington DC, but went to The Gate of Nations in Persepolis instead. Why? Because this was the first United Nations of Earth. Imagine what this force would feel seeing this capital of the world demolished. Imagine how stupid and weak we would all look in letting the oldest empire in the world remain in ruins. At that point the view of some Islamic fanatic or US Democrat would be irrelevant. This fantasy can happen.

The ancient heritage of Iran embodies forces that are well beyond most science fiction writers. Much of what Iran is going through is because many do not want the extraterrestrial dimension of Iran to be known. Persepolis was the capital of Planet Earth. Iran’s calendar and astronomy were based on cosmic calculations because of the contacts with extraterrestrials.

More will be revealed at the right time. And yes at this moment in time what I am saying is completely wacko.

This link and the one above sparked all that in me.

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