Iran: RIP

Has it been thirty five years. OMG! And what the f… have we done all this time!

If he was around, he would not have allowed any negotiations with these monsters in Iran.

If he was around, the US would not have done anything without consulting him.

But having said that, Jimmy Carter did not like him. Having said that, many do not like Jimmy Carter.

Times have changed. US has changed. The Republicans put a stop to the hostage crisis immediately. The Democrats could not care.

The Republicans had cunning ideas. “Oh lets make monsters out of Khomeini and sell even more weapons”. These guys are worse than the Soviets ever were.

A Pariah State Iran. A Hermit Iran. Mmm sounds great to the arms and oil salesman. Let’s get the prices up.

And they did go up. Oil went well over $100 dollars. Arms sales to Arabs went over $60bn last year alone.

So getting rid of the Shah was, with the benefit of hindsight, a good thing.

Where are the left wingers who supported the mullahs to fly him in from France?

All these people with open minds who embrace democracy, not one of them, wants to sit down with another one, and form an Iranian Government in Exile.

At least under the Shah, they would have all shut up and formed an Government in Exile. It is a shame living on this planet, talking about our glorious past, and we can’t get half a dozen intelligent well known Iranian born billionnaires and brains together, to get rid of these monsters.

What does it take for Pierre Omidyar and Kaveh Kordistani and members of my own family I will not mention, get together and throw out these sheepeeshooes?


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