Iran: Break Trauma

You see it.
You ignore it.
You feel guilty.

But you ignore it, because you will die inside thinking about it.

How many times, have I read this sort of news, at least once a month, from my birthplace.

People look at me in shame say:

“You are all being tortured over there, and not one of you will go and kick the Americans in the head, for doing business with these killers.”

The news is: Iran: 32 executions in one week, including two women

Even when I am at home and I am trying to chill out, I read the news, I try to ignore it, but my media player randomly picks this:

OMG! This classic tune makes you react. There is no escaping. I have to react. And so here it is.

Folks, that is the trauma Iranians outside Iran have to go through.

Iranians got rid of their King, because the awful way the judges were passing that law. That was an Islamic Law and now it is even worse. And moreover they did not know better.

The law was not an Ahuramazdan Law from Zend-Avesta, that produced the likes of Zoroaster, Cyrus the Great and other Good Thoughts, that led to the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Heck in 1979, no one, but a few Zoroastrians, knew what the Zend-Avesta was.

Every one said “Salam”.

I once told Empress Farah, “Dorood bar shoma”, and she said “It is better than Salam” and replied back even louder than me, “Dorood bar Shoma, Ali”.

Now everyone begins with the statement “Dorood bar Shoma”.

So it was one small step for “Man” or me, and one giant leap for Iraniankind, to coin a phrase.

People say, “Oh Ali wait, once the new money flows in, Iran will be great”. The culture has changed.

Once the new Iranian vernacular begins, and Facebook and Snapchat and all the rest go mad in Iran, it will take over the mad mullahs.

The typical reaction is:

Iran will get more money.
People will pay to get rid of the Mullahs.

You will get business from EU and America.

All the rotten Chinese and Russians will be driven out.

Fancy new westerners will rule Iran again.

You have say bedrood to the past. And embrace the future with new greetings or doroods.

I will listen to this and move forward:

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