From Shah’s Cancer To Jimmy Carter’s Cancer

Shah’s Cancer: Three journalists who separately looked into the event have claimed that Reed told Newsom of the cancer on either the 16th or the 18th; a fourth journalist, the medical correspondent for the Times during that period, wrote that Kean flew again to Cuernavaca on the 18th, returned to New York on the 19th, and told Dustin that the shah was suffering either from gallstones or cancer of the pancreas. Thus, there is no definitive time-line for this critical stage, nor is there any concurrence on what the White House was being told about the shah’s condition.

Regardless of the correct date that the president and others learned of the cancer, Vance’s note to the president had suggested that if the shah were to be allowed into the United States for medical treatment, the Iranians should be told it was for humanitarian purposes only and to “leave open the question of future residence.” Carter scribbled an “OK” in the margin. At this point Vance’s undersecretary broke ranks: David Newsom’s position all along was that the United States should only assist in locating “alternate havens” for the shah and under no circumstances admit him to the United States; while others changed their positions, Newsom remained adamant to the end.

On 19 October Carter presided over his usual Friday morning “foreign policy” breakfast with his principal advisors; the shah’s admission was predominant on the agenda – thus Vance must have known of the shah’s cancer prior to the 20th, despite what was written in his memoirs. At the meeting Vance acknowledged that he could not now, in a medical emergency, stand in the way; he switched his vote and agreed with Brzezinski that the shah should be allowed to come to New York for medical treatment. Vice-President Mondale and Secretary of Defense Harold Brown also supported the admission of the shah. Only Carter argued against it.

Former president Jimmy Carter said Thursday he will fight the cancer that has spread to parts of his brain and will receive his first radiation treatment later in the day.

Examinations that began with the discovery of cancer during liver surgery have revealed “four spots of melanoma on my brain,” Carter told a news conference at his presidential center in Atlanta.

“It’s in the hands God, whom I worship, and I’ll be prepared for anything that comes,” Carter said. “I’m ready for anything and looking forward to a new adventure.”

Former President Jimmy Carter announced that he is battling metastatic melanoma, making him one of an estimated 74,000 Americans who will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, according to the National Institute of Health.

Seemingly calm and relaxed at a news conference at Emory University in Atlanta, Carter told reporters the cancer was first spotted on his liver in a scan and that further tests have revealed he has four additional tumors on his brain.


Since 1979, There are lots of Cancers: Mullah’s Cancer in Iran, Taliban’s Cancer in Afghanistan, the Cancer of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), Daesh’ s Cancer in the Middle East, etc.

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