Iran: Bear Trap

Nobody likes, or bears to hear about anyone getting killed. No Iranian wants to hear, about another Iranian getting killed. We all knew, what was going to happen, and it has happened. The Shi’ites have converted secular Iranians, into fanatic Shi’ites, and one of their “Generals” has been killed. Iran has had to bear this awful situation for too long

I was fortunate to go to Princeton, when Ayatollah Khomeini suddenly appeared out of nowhere. A Lucknow educated Shi’ite, thought that he knew more than any other Ayatollah, and jumped ranks, only because he was politically driven. That political theocracy, trapped modern idealists, but more importantly, drove them, to think like Marx and act like Ali, the first apostate, to convert to Shia Islam from the faith of his ancestors.

No moslem, understands and accepts, that ten thousand years of humans, had faith before Islam came around. Spiritually, they have ignored their real roots. Luckily, the new Iranians have benefited from Khomeini. It was unbearable. We have sought to find our deeper past like never before. We have discovered a deep heritage, that is now ready, to shake off the shackles of the Shi’ite system.

I and many others had to pause in our lives, to think about what we spiritually are, or what is deep and culturally significant. I was never taught what my true roots were. Most of us just knew of the ancient Iranian Emperors and that was it. No one told us about who the architects of Persepolis were. Who was it who designed the columns? The most you will hear, is some ridiculous comment, by a western educated archaeologist that, “Iranians copied the Assyrians”. Everywhere they dug, they created a nation for itself. Now they are beginning to realise, that they are all one nation. Now they are beginning to see that these people from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean were all one.

No, the Brits would not allow that one common culture to be true. That would make the Ahuramazdans far too powerful. They should be split into many countries that Gertrude Bell thought of, and it became so. Later these countries will be trapped, to fight forever or self destruct. That is exactly what is happening to these fictitious nations such as Syria and Iraq. I won’t even begin to talk about Jordan, Kuwait, or even Turkey, Lebanon and finally Israel. Ironically Israel has proof of being granted nationhood from Cyrus the Great. A common root needs to be accepted by all the people. That common root, is not a political or religious solution, but a cultural solution, such that we do not have a divisive force, which created the mess we are in. We know that three times, each three hundred years long, the people of the area were under Pax Iranicas of Achaemenids, Parthians and Sasanians. This spirit cannot be smashed by IS. Left wing radicals call this culture Pan Iranist.

The Monguls came to Iran, got rid of Islam and let Iran grow again for three hundred years. Our art and poetry flourished. The spirit of Iran was never crushed by Islam, and the Monguls allowed Hafez, Saadi to bring Iran back. But it all went wrong, when Shah Ismail was abducted by Sufis and was made to believe he was a Mahdi. This ancestor of mine steered Iran down this hell hole we are in. And it is time to get out of it all by explaining the unbearable bitter truth.

I mentioned years go, that the only way to get out of this mess, is to have another theatre of confrontation, to take Shi’ite Iran out of world politics and Iran itself. They very fact that the Ayatollahs had threatened the Saudis, if the price of oil falls, had kept the price up. Then comes Islamic State, and cuts the supply lines of the Hezbollahis in Iran, to the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Suddenly the IRGC look puny. Islamic State are a mix of Northern Caucasian Moslems, who lost their heritage, after Russia invaded the various nations between the Black Sea and Caspian. They decided to join Saddam’s men and become the Islamic State.

I mentioned in my last article, that the US allowed the Russians to interfere, so that they can fall into a trap. The Russians did not learn a lot from messing with the Afghans. Now they are learning fast about the Western cousins of the Afghans. The people of the Zagros and Caucasus are not too different from their cousins in the Hindu Kush. These are both Ahuramazdans, who lived in the high mountains of the Iranian Plateau for thousands of years. Tell that to an English archaeologist and they will laugh. They just cannot understand any of this, until you show them the Haplogroups and then they shut up. All the people in this area celebrate the four seasons and love Knowrooz. This love of nature and Earth goes back to 20,000 years. But recently they have been divided by Islamic and other religious ideas. Ask anyone living in the Caucaus about Knowrooz. Ask the Sheshen leaders. Ask anyone in the Islamic State about Knowrooz and they will tell of Haftseen. That is the peaceful force that we all love and share. This is the force that brings ecology and humanitarianism. But the Russian just wants to use the Syrian port on the Med. whoever is in Syria, Assad or not.

All this seems quite crazy. But if you go back in time and then come forward to now, you will see how much we have deviated from our path. And the reason is because the European cousins of ours, totally lost touch with their roots from the Iranian Plateau, after they migrated to Europe. They do not know who they were, before Christianity came around. Christianity did what Islamic State is doing now. All the past of Europe was wiped out. It took the invention of the print press, to allow other facts to be distributed outside the Bible. The same was true of Koran. Iran’s history is written by its enemies, and so almost nothing remained.

The Bible and Koran were the only books allowed to be read in the world, until the Monguls took care of the Moslems in Iran, and new progressive thoughts came back. The art and science of 13th, 14th and 15th centrury Iran, was way ahead of anywhere else in the world. But ironically it lost its leadership, when it became Shi’ite from mid 15th Century onwards. And the migrations of Iranians to Europe brought many ideas that then started the Protestant movement in Europe and eventually the industrial revolution. It was algebra that was invented in Iran in the 8th Century that became widely applied to move European scientific thought in the Renaissance. It was an Ahuramazdan called Kharazmi who brought some of the thoughts that were lost back.

Much of ancient Iran was very advanced. Persepolis was not build with no knowledge of gravity. Try telling that to the Brits who think that Newton invented laws of gravity. Or all those qanats were built thousands of years ago without any knowledge of hydrology. There were many like Kharazmi, but their books were all burnt by the likes of Islamic State.

So why do I go on and ramble about all this? The fact is these and many more facts like these, are what has kept Iran alive and glorious to all who have left it. Our problems are only going to be solved by the wealthy Iranians getting together and forming a government in exile that will want to brings all these thoughts back. They know that this regime is not Iranian. They know that the foreign press will frame these alien moslems as Iranians to make us look awful. We need to have an administration that will answer to all the wrong doings against Iran. It will have an agenda to go to Iran and be trusted with power. Not to be a regime that does deals but is not trusted.

A little while ago I criticized the Crown Prince and his group of supporting the nuclear deal. Now he has had to back track and admit that what he said was wrong. There are two ways of getting rid of these madmen in Iran. You either throw all the money in the world at them, hoping that some of it will go and create an internal force of opposition. The second way is just invade or bomb the IRGC bases.  As you can see the Shi’ites have used the bombing route with the Russians, to defend their Shi’ite cousins in Syria. They have even let cruise missiles pass over Iran. They want to secure the narcotics routes from China to the Med via Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The Russians want them to fight the Sheshens, so that they do not go and attack Russia. Little do they know that the only force that can take on, and has taken on Islamic State, are the Kurds. So all that will happen, is that the IRGC will get sucked into Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to stay there and fail. In the meantime the merchant wing of the regime, with the likes of Rafsanjani, are being excluded from Khamenei inner circle as he gets closer to Russians. Obviously Rafsanjani who cannot bear the Russians was going to protest Iran’s airspace being abused.

From a secular Iranian’s view, the IRGC are no different than the fanatic European citizens volunteering for Islamic State. Both attract those who want to be like heros instantly, from the moment they join their cause. The IRGC will be seen as the same as the Russian soldiers in Afghanistan. They will be seen as foreign and will have no Arab support. Yes it is a bear trap for both the Russians and the Shi’ite. The US and Europeans are elated that the Russians appear like the US did – The Bad Guys. The same is true of the Shi’ites. Both will wallow in this mess. The people of Russia will start to get fed up, as one day the Russians will have their own 911 to bear. Quite frankly this is all a bit of a deja vu.

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