First Trailer Released For Ramin Bahrani’s Adaptation Of ‘Fahrenheit 451’

HBO’s highly anticipated new feature-length film Fahrenheit 451—an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s seminal science fiction novel about societal control through widespread governmentally imposed anti-literacy—was just released, and fans are excited. Starring Michael B. Jordan fresh off of his head-turning role of Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, as well as Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water), the film is the latest directorial effort from filmmaker Ramin Bahrani.

Bahrani’s first film, Man Push Cart, was an astonishing debut for the young creator. A heartfelt, poetically composed, and dramatically complicated exploration of immigrant loneliness, the 2005 film tells the story of Ahmad, a Pakistani worker who lugs around his breakfast cart for morning commuters, and the challenges he experiences trying to make an American living. The ironies behind his relatable daily struggles are based around the surprising truth of who this individual might’ve been before immigrating to the U.S.

Since then, Bahrani earned a Guggenheim fellowship in 2009 as well as critical praise and accolades for several of his films, most recently 2015’s 99 Homes, a movie in which Shannon also starred. His HBO debut has had a limited information revealed thus far, but we do at least now have a release date set for May of this year.

Take a look at the new Fahrenheit 451 trailer below:

Cover photo: Ramin Bahrani, Michael B. Jordan and  Michael Shannon in Fahrenheit 451 (2018)

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