CAMA Opens Iranian Art Gallery In London Next Week

The Contemporary and Modern Art (CAMA) Gallery has been making waves as it approaches its London opening, with preemptive engagements celebrating the work of internationally active Iranian creatives. Late last year, the organization hosted a November launch event at the Hotel Cafe Royal, with CAMA Gallery pushing for a proper 2018 inaugural event, date yet unspecified.

That time is now announced and approaching, and the CAMA Gallery will properly open on April 5th, 2018, at its newest location at 19 Dacre Street in London. En route to this date, CAMA’s founder Mona Kosheghbal has kept busy, both at the Tehran location as well as in the various pop-up branded events she’s organized, generating buzz throughout London.

By Afshin Pirhashemi

Part of CAMA’s original focus has been a mediated conversation between Iran and the West, by situating Iranian creatives as artistic trendsetters and lauding the financially viable investment available to patrons of the Iranian art market. This past February saw CAMA celebrate artist Fatemeh Divandari in an exhibition titled “The Color of Kindness,” which ran from February 16th to the 27th.

The inaugural London exhibition, “Sensation,” will feature 19 contemporary Iranian artists, with works that “…are vastly diverse in theme and style, ranging from hyper-realistic painting to calligraphy, each piece selected [aiming] to stimulate the senses of the viewer.”

A version of the press release including the names of the 19 artists along with detailed descriptions is available here.

Cover art work by Mojgan Habibi

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