Israel: S-300 Will Not Protect Iranian Forces In Syria

Israel claims that the S-300 system delivered to the Syrian military will not defend Iranian forces in the country from Israeli attacks.

“We have made it clear to the Russians at the highest levels in recent days that we have no interest in confronting Russia or Syria,” Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi stated according to the Israeli Broadcast Authority. “The more the Syrians understand that our efforts are not directed against them, the better for all concerned.”

He added that Tel Aviv has a “red line” and “every Iranian military deployment in Syria represents a threat” to Israel’s “national security”.

“We will use all means at our disposal to prevent the [Iranian] expansion,” Hanegbi stated claiming that S-300 delivery would not affect the Israeli Air Force’s capabilities.

Meanwhile, General Joseph Votel, who heads the US Central Command, stated that the S-300 delivery to Syria is a “needless escalation”.

He stated that the deployment of the S-300 missiles “appears to be an effort to cover for Iranian and Syrian regime nefarious activities in Syria. So, again, I think this is a needless, needless escalation.”

The general repeated the Israeli narrative saying that the S-300 delivery will not impact the US Air Force capabilities to operate in the war-torn country.

“Our forces here have been operating under a latent anti-air threat for some time and we will continue to do so,” he stated.

Votel also accused Iran of using Syria as cover to target other countries.

“We believe they are moving lethal capabilities into Syria that threaten neighbors in the region,” he said.

However, the general noted that the US is not seeking an open conflict with Iran.

Commentary by The Iranian

The Israelis regularly claim that they only target Hezbollah and Iranian assets in Syria, but it’s now widely acknowledged that this just a cover as most of their sorties/attacks are in fact against the Syrian military. Keeping Syria & Assad weak is Israel’s primary objective.

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