Iran Preparing For US Decision Blocking Access To The Internet

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization said the necessary arrangements have been made to counter the US hostile strategies and its potential move to block Iran’s access to the Internet.

Speaking to reporters in Iran’s northern city of Rasht on Sunday, Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali said the Civil Defense Organization is geared up to deal with any cyber threat, including a possible Internet outage.

The US decision to cut off Iran’s access to the Internet would keep Washington unaware of Iran’s internal developments, the general said, adding that Tehran is nonetheless ready to counter such a possible threat.

He said Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and National Cyberspace Center, as well as all mobile and Internet operators are making the necessary preparations for any “Internet sanction.”

Americans have the required tools to cut off Iran’s access to the Internet, but have not made any announcement for such a move, the general stated.

In August 2016, Iran launched the first phase of its national data network after a gap of eleven years.

The national network offers a new internet system with higher security which officials say will be up to 60 times faster than the best speeds currently available. It is also designed to be more secure to potential cyberattacks.

Commentary by The Iranian

If the Iranophobes in the Trump admin had the ability to block Iran’s access to water or oxygen, would they?

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