Iran And Syria Signal ‘Resistance’ With Latakia Port Move

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The head of Iraqi Intelligence services Mustafa al-Kazemi will be the new agreed PM. He was selected by all Shia big coalition groups (at the exception of Haidar Abadi), including Moqtada al-Sadr, the main supporter of the pro-US PM candidate Adnan al-Zarfi.

Confirmed. The food delivery guy did indeed give me the evil eye🧿 A tragic Iranian story 👇🏾

[The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, given to someone out of spite, malice or envy, bringing misfortune, suffering or just general bad luck]

I repeat, if you accept $ from the US govt in support if your political work against the #Iran’ian govt then you are by *definition* a propagandist of the US govt.

If your work is meaningful, I recommend securing more legitimate sources of income so as to not undermine yourself.

A solid case for left-wing politics 😇

Statistics: The lane with the most accidents was the far right lane with 40% of car accidents, second was the middle (centrism) with about 38%, and third was the far left lane with 22% of car accidents (source: https://bit.ly/2RfR4YC)

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Meet your Persian Love Today!