Drone Power: Tehran Unafraid, Defiant, Resistant

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on routine patrol in the Persian Gulf was photographed with video sensors aboard an IRGC unarmed drone.

The specific date of the video captures and the exact location were not reported.

The drone-type was reported by Press-TV as an Ababil-3, operated by the IRGC navy.

The drone has a flying range of 100 kilometers and a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Ababil-3 can fly to a ceiling of 5,000 meters and enjoys a high photography and imaging technology.

The Iranian drone enjoys unique strategic capabilities and it has a 4-hour-long flight durability.

Self-evident is the low-intensity counter-war Tehran wages versus the war the Hegemon operates, hybrid in all its manifestations.

Merely displaying this video pulls the cloak of Power Projection from the naval task force. Should the time come for Iran to extract a price from the US Navy and CENTCOM, an inexpensive drone (likely, a swarm of drones), will reach out and damage hundreds of billions of dollars of vessels, aircraft and thousands of sailors.

Thus, we have a deadly sanctions war, a hydra-hybrid war launched from all borders of Iran, and this very calm, 1:31 video that is portentous. Iran is demonstrably capable of bringing a behemoth task force to utter ruin and massive deaths. It does not need a vast navy of its own to accomplish this. Iran possesses simple technology and the fierce desire for its own sovereignty and security.

In the fog of war, should there be an attack on Iran, a humble drone might inflict a wound so deep, the Hegemon will not remain in the region.

Asymmetrical warfare has never been so extreme. Even a rock in a sling against a giant brute is far less asymmetric than an armed drone versus a US Naval Task Force.

Iran is a Drone Power. Its capabilities should not be underestimated by its regional enemies.

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