US Officials Say June Cyberattack Prevented Iran From Targeting Tankers

Supposedly: Cyberattack wiped out a critical database, degrading paramilitary forces

US officials are being reported in the media as claiming that they launched a secret cyberattack against Iran in June. The attack destroyed a critical database, and at least temporarily prevented Iran from covertly targeting oil tankers.

The attack took place on June 20, and officials say that Iran has still not been able to get a lot of the systems, including military networks, back online for paramilitary forces that the US believes were targeting tankers.

This cyberattack came amid a flurry of speculation about escalation between the US and Iran in the Persian Gulf. Interestingly, the US continued to play up the “threat” of Iran attacking commercial ships even though they believed the cyber attack had effectively precluded that.

This cyberattack apparently happened effectively concurrently with Trump’s ordered military attack against Iran, which he called back at the last minute. This was followed with weeks of talking about military strikes against Iran, and claims of Iranian threats.

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