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Hamid and Harry
Here and there

November 7, 2003
The Iranian

Hamid was born in Iran and looked like an Iranian. A man of average height, around 5'9 in his favorite 'dampayees' generally wearing smart black trousers with tucked in shirts or cardigans. Hamid, like all Iranians is hairy and proud of it. Hamid liked his strong nose. He likes his uni-brow and chest hair. He does not mind the fact that his ass or his testicles are covered in hair. The only part of his body Hamid would 'clean' up would be his back. His hair is always combed perfectly and has been in the same style since he was 12. Hamid is also proud of his 'strong' Iranian nose.

Hamid is a hardworking engineer, always doing his work on time and studying in preparation for new projects. Hamid takes pride in his job and knows he might not be the highest paid, but he is doing what he loves.

Hamid lives with his wife Roya in an apartment below the apartment of his parents. They pop in occasionally or his wife and he go up there for dinner. Hamid is happy to help around the house whenever his parents ask. He is a clean respectful young man who is happy in his life. He does not have many possessions but has a TV and a satellite. He goes skiing on weekends and likes trips to Shomal.

Hamid is very happy in life. He hasn't really seen anything he'd change in his life. He knows he is not that ambitious, but doesn't see the need to be at the moment.

Hamid had a good group of friends he trusts. They grew up together and are all married too. They are a group of friends who could entertain themselves very easily. They don't drink too much or do drugs and haven't really done more than experiment. They are very content just to meet up at someone's house and joke around all night, have a nice dinner and maybe smoke a ghalyoun. Hamid hopes it will always be like this.

Harry lives in California and he thinks he looks kind of Italian, a few people have said he looks Greek, but most think he is Italian. Well, at least that's what his friend Adam says. Harry is 5'11" when he wears his special heeled shoes. He likes and wears designer jeans; currently he likes paper denim with acid stains.

Harry thinks seven jeans are passé. Harry wears white tuxedo shirts with black intermittent stitching. Harry's hair is currently kind of messy, spiked up but not perfectly - a kind of styled messy-waxed-up look. Sometimes Harry will wear shades with his outfit. He likes the retro look Tom Cruise ray bans from 'Top Gun'. Harry likes his nose. It's not too bog or small, nothing remarkable, he likes the fact that it does not stand out.

Harry lives in a leased studio apartment. He has an old Toyota but he'll soon lease a 3 Series BMW. Harry is a hardware engineer but wants to get into Sales: where the money is. He likes Tony Montana and he worships his words: "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."

Harry totally agrees with this philosophy and believes to do well with the girls; he'll have to be very rich. But he does think it is worth it as the girls in California were beautiful. They dress so sexy and their bodies are amazing. Harry doesn't want a relationship yet, maybe a few at once he jokes! He just wants to sleep around a bit till he is ready to settle down with a lucky young lady.

Harry is ambitious and will do anything to get there. The struggle during the day is worth it to get you where you want to go. Harry knows that life is hard, life is not easy and it's not meant to be. Harry sees the big picture: it's all about long term goals; and he will get to where he wants to go.

Harry has a group of guys who he goes clubbing with. They go to the club and split into pairs. No doorman lets you in if there are more than 2 guys in a group. He usually goes to the same club as he knows a waitress there and she can get him in. One time he bribed a bell-boy and got in on a Saturday night at the hottest club; that was a good night.

Harry does sometimes get lonely during the day but when he goes to get a Jamba-Juice or Starbucks and sees the hot single girls sitting there, he always cheers up. He is living the American Dream.

Hamid is Harry.

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