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April 19, 2005

Years came and went
from a child
to an old man
to an old woman
you became
forgotten by heaven and earth
standing still
in this dark house
waiting for the mercy
that never came.

The young voice of your dream
turned grey
touched the spider web
on the corner of the ceiling
and landed on the peeling walls
of all years
day after day
but no one came .

Your flesh turned dust
Your fingers got eaten away
Your eyes became two deep dark wells
where hollow dreams
went to rest
but no one came .

You asked the dark reflection
standing between yesterday and tomorrow
What shall I believe?
With an indifference movement of his hand
he reminded
Life is not a dream
Silence is what to believe.

No one came
No one ever came
but few broken hearts
big as heaven
dark as your house
with those pale smiles
and empty hands
for their eyes to meet your empty eyes
and their hands to remind you
of the fingers
you forgot
you once had.

The picture smiles
Thatís who you were
The identity that dust eat away
and the hands of years took away

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