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Nothing never changes


December 8, 2005

The darkness laughs
At the tiny divided shreds of light
Escaping unknown graves
And by the sound of singing owl 
I know that the morning has left our hearts 
Behind the blue horizons of hope
With your dried, broken-skin lips
I kiss our love's hand
And love, the untouchable hope of all forbidden dreams
Is a cloud of no rain
In this sky made of sand
In this synthetic horizon of wasted imaginations
In this endless cry for light

Oh, my friend
Time is no longer on our side
I have decided to hide the mirror
Where my eyes can't see
And have turned the clock back
To the moment of departure 
When that pure naked flame
Danced the grey smoke of goodbye

I have counted the colours of rain 
In the absence of sun
And have decided to keep this window shut
This bigger than my heart
that opens to nothing but
This fast growing grey
Keep getting lost in
The vast space of forget-ness    
I could learn the magic of colours
If I only knew how, if I only knew how
And I promise I will say no word
Until I have learned the names of colours
I promise, I will not...

Oh, my friend when I lost you
All the doors
All the doors of heaven
Heavy as they were
Risen to the sky
As they were
Stayed deaf
To the knocking of
My dead fingers and blue voices lost in the wind

I often
Listen to the music of night
Dancing with my soul
And wonder in the darkness
Will the lost ghosts of kindness ever come back to see
How nothing never changes
Nothing never changes ...

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