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Disturbed dream


May 7, 2005

One pair of eyes
One window open
Will the song lost in the wind
Ever find our house?

One town of walls
One shadow
Silent, alone
Did the walls count the silence of love's steps?

One pair of tired feet
One lost way
Will the day that comes tomorrow
be pregnant with another excuse?

One disturbed dream
One thousand interpretations
Were perdition and love twins?

One river
One desert
One land of a thousand borders
One thousand fallen skies
Does no star tell the future?

One sky of clouds
One star's light
Did not the words of miracle
have lips?

One heart
One wish
Will love ever hold us tight
Will love ever protect?

One word
One silence
I go towards myself
And come back empty
Come back empty...
Like the word I say to you
Like the answer I hear

One pair of eyes
One window open
One love that does not protect
One love that does not protect

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