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Dreaming of you


February 11, 2007

Like a flamingo dancer
Dancing to the rhythm of flames
I touch your lips in my dream 
And set my soul on fire

Moments are strange and pale
Moments are strange and pale
I feel I will die
If I do not dream
I feel it is too late
Not to dream

Dreaming you perfect
Is today and tomorrow
Tomorrow and forever
Do not wake my heart
With gentle intentions
Do not wake my heart

My poem has travelled
On the wings of this stormy breeze
From my heart to yours
And I hear myself
Calling your name in secret
Knowing you are lost to me but a memory
If eternity meant anything ever
Is this memory of you
In the years to come
Witnessing me turn grey

Ah, your heart lives moments away
Moments of years away
Years of silence away
I reach out to your heart
And capture your smile, your eyes and all the silent words
And I know nothing eases the pain
But the talking words
And as the pain persist
I know well
It's time for me to say goodbye

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