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The sun rises


Forough Farrokhzad
Translated by Ali Sadri
March 29, 2005


Take heed
My wounded eyes melt
Drop by drop
My rebellion my shadow
Surrenders to the light
Take heed

Everything that I am crumbles
My love’s fire surrenders
Carries me to the end
Crucifies me
Take heed
Stars hail in the night

You came from a far
From fields of scent, of light
To carry me, floating
Through clouds of ivory and crystal
Take me away my solace, my hope
Take me to a city of sonnets and passion

Towards the path of milky way draw me
Higher than every star lift me
Take heed
I’ve been set aflame by this light
Fevered, burnt by this light
Like a goldfish in a pool of night
I gnaw helplessly at the stars

How far-flung is anything
From the earth, from everything
From this crimson ceiling sky
I hear again from a distance
Your voice
The flutter of an angel’s wings
Take heed
How far I’ve come
To the stars
To the endlessness of life

Now that I’ve reached so high above the waves
Immerse me, cleanse me, intoxicate me
Envelope me in a cocoon of kisses
Take me in this night of forever young
Do not let go of my hand
Do not let me fall

Take heed
Our night’s path melts away
Drop by drop
My cup thirsty, empty, black
With you it overflows
With wine with sleep with dreams
Upon this cradle of a poem
Take heed
You utter, and the sun rises

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Forough Farrokhzad

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